Reflection and Appreciation

Three years ago I was picked up at a Korean airport in the middle of a rainstorm. My friends Kate and Chaz had already been there for a year and they took us on a combination bus and taxi ride to their apartment. The lights in Busan shone red and orange and yellow and reflected... Continue Reading →


Getting Trustworthy Input

During my university years, a writing instructor made certain to drive home the point that it's extremely important to find someone you trust to read your work. Luckily for me, I married that person. Kimmy is not one to shy away from a harsh critique. After finishing a novel shortly after college, I printed it... Continue Reading →

Surpassing Self Satisfaction

My students call me a fashion terrorist, but I'd like to disagree. Open up my wardrobe and you'll see primarily earth tones. I'm huge fan of navy blue, brown, and gray. I know what I like, and I stick to it. Am I fashionable to others? Probably not. But I'd much rather feel comfortable in... Continue Reading →

The Old Man and the Sea of Self-Doubt

I've not often considered myself a fan of Hemingway, but a few years ago I decided to give The Old Man and the Sea a try. It wasn't especially exciting, but it did evoke nostalgic memories from my childhood of fishing on lazy summer afternoons with my father. Shortly after finishing, I sat down at... Continue Reading →

Catching Up with Poetry

Grass stood in patches and small tufts, like the patchy beard of the Earth. As a fourth grader, I sat and fidgeted, but soon the small movements of insects caught my attention, and I imagined them a story. We'd been instructed to sit outside and observe nature, taking mental notes to serve as inspiration for... Continue Reading →

English Major Confessions: Editing

I have fond memories from my college years sitting at the student union in a group with our books spread open over the table. We chatted as we took notes and sipped our coffees. Since I was an English major, I’d not use a textbook, but would instead be bent over a novel, using a... Continue Reading →

Drudgery in Fiction

Fiction may be the glamor child of writing, but it too has elements that are, kindly, drudgery. Fortunately, help is at hand: Questions dealing with topics like research and summarizing plots and character information have been asked and answered over on, and their answers can help make these chores a bit easier. Writers is... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Successful Writer?

My wife, Kimmy, and I spend a lot of time at a small, independent coffee shop in the heart of Busan called Hipster Coffee. We’re the only foreigners who frequent the place, and we’ve come to know the owners on a first name basis. It’s a great little place to spend the afternoon writing, reading,... Continue Reading →

On Procrastination and Zombies

The beginning of the school year in Korea starts in March, so last week, the daily grind officially began. I did very little. And by “little” I mean I gave every class a near impossible to solve word search. It kept them occupied while I played Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad. Oh yeah, ESL... Continue Reading →

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