The Spider’s Web

I was tromping through the garden in leisurely pursuit of my cat this morning, when I spotted what had to be one of the largest spiderwebs I’ve ever seen. It spanned all the way from a tree trunk, at about the height of my head, down to a bush at about knee-height. Normally, I’m not … Continue reading The Spider’s Web


Friday on the web

Every so often, the web produces something literate and intelligent; these gems are often found buried under Gilligan's Island fan fiction and LOLcats. Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy, by Joel Spolsky I'm fascinated by programming despite having no ability to actually code. This article is ostensibly about programmers and user interface, but it applies … Continue reading Friday on the web

Chromebook update: Printing and PDFs

Within 24 hours, I spilled a drink into my Mac's keyboard and dropped my Windows netbook onto the floor. Until I got a new keyboard or a new netbook, whichever comes first, I was a cloud-computing guy. My netbook screen looks like this: And, without a keyboard, I couldn't even log into my Mac. (The … Continue reading Chromebook update: Printing and PDFs

Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions

Ten days ago, the UPS guy surprised me with a box that was approximately the size and heft of a large, abridged dictionary. I was puzzled; I hadn't ordered anything that large. I had been on my way out, netbook in my messenger bag and a bike helmet on my head. I opened the box … Continue reading Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions