Remember to Not Vote

by Jay Mangano Today is my birthday. It also happens to be election day in America. I’ve reached an age where neither of these things mean much to me anymore. I’m not vibrating with anticipation for the fire hose of gifts about to open (a delightful benefit of being an only child). Nor am I … Continue reading Remember to Not Vote


Behind the Curtain

The government shutdown is well under way as I write, though by the time this item "goes to press" the Congressional shennangins will hopefully be history. Even if you are not a particular fan of politics, you are unlikely to have missed hearing all about the drama in Washington on the news. You may not … Continue reading Behind the Curtain

Guaranteed Win

In the fluorescent lights in front of the school, Thomas Faherty's face floated, pale yellow, above his charcoal suit. Gripping his briefcase, he greeted Daryl with all of his tolerance and the impressive, pressed-on smile he used during the campaign. Daryl handed him a sagging grocery bag that crinkled when Thomas looked inside. "A chipmunk?" … Continue reading Guaranteed Win