Ask Ceil – It Was A Bad Week

Today's Ask Ceil has been pre-empted by an essay by Ceil. My college roommate and I used to have a saying: "Everything is funny. You just have to look at it in the right way." So true. But I have to say, this week I struggled to find the funny. It started last Wednesday. Long … Continue reading Ask Ceil – It Was A Bad Week


Ask Ceil – Follow You, Follow Me

Dear Ceil, I wish there was a way to get 4000 new Twitter followers overnight. What could we possibly do? Signed, A Huge Telecommunications Company Dear Company, First, let me ask: Are you sure you're a company? I mean, do you have an office building and a staff, or maybe a big meeting of investors … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Follow You, Follow Me

Traveling Down the River

They called to us from the shore. We cruised through the Amazon in a large houseboat and watched and waved from the top deck. The villagers ran barefooted down the shore, holding up a frisbee. Our boat was about fifty feet away, but the leader of the pack ran ahead of us to stand on … Continue reading Traveling Down the River

The Final Check-In

Social media has changed how we communicate, but it’s also redefined the who and why. Inane 140-character bursts to swarms of strangers have replaced actual correspondence. Instead of just going somewhere, we now feel the need to check-in so everyone knows what we’re doing--whether it’s noteworthy or not. Arriving backstage at a Foo Fighters concert … Continue reading The Final Check-In

Facebook and Twitter don’t care that you’re boring, but your status updates have the rest of us snoring: a Tahitian lime epiphany

Lyndon Keane is in pain. Moments of profound clarity can come in the oddest ways and at the most inopportune times. Mine came after inadvertently squirting lime juice into my eye while trying to shove what was apparently too big a wedge of the fruit into a bottle of Canadian Club & Cola. As I … Continue reading Facebook and Twitter don’t care that you’re boring, but your status updates have the rest of us snoring: a Tahitian lime epiphany

Ask Ceil – @MindControl

Dear Ceil, Why does my brain never seem to be playing for my team, and if it isn’t playing for my team, then whose team is it playing for? And can I charge them rent? Nervous in New York Dear Nervous, The brain controls all kinds of things. Breathing, moving your limbs around, telling your … Continue reading Ask Ceil – @MindControl

Ask Ceil – Briefly, Potatoes

Dear Ceil, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with Twitter. Why would one choose to restrict one’s expression so severely? One-hundred and forty characters isn’t enough to really say anything worth reading. Frustrated in Florida Dear Frustrated, Some say that brevity is the soul of wit. Actually, Shakespeare said that, in the … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Briefly, Potatoes