Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The other day, I went on a trip to the coast with my friend. We had no particular plan, the only constraint being the town where we were to stay the night. My goal, when driving, is to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. The travelling itself is a means … Continue reading Not All Who Wander Are Lost


Magnificent Muse

For Koreans, seeing vendors selling their goods on the street is normal. It’s not balked at or given a second thought. But everyday, on my walk to the grocery, I pass a trio of old, hunched women who sit on upturned buckets surrounded by red plastic trays of produce, their old faces wrinkled by the … Continue reading Magnificent Muse

Traveling Down the River

They called to us from the shore. We cruised through the Amazon in a large houseboat and watched and waved from the top deck. The villagers ran barefooted down the shore, holding up a frisbee. Our boat was about fifty feet away, but the leader of the pack ran ahead of us to stand on … Continue reading Traveling Down the River

Going Away Just to Come Back Again

A few weeks ago, when I completed my piece on when to abandon a writing project, my editor pointed out that for many people, " up a novel is saying you were wrong to even start it." In order to address the folks who felt that way, I added the following to my post: The … Continue reading Going Away Just to Come Back Again

Ask Ceil – News Cakes

Dear Ceil, Aren't cupcakes just small cakes? Why are they so exciting? Edible in Erie Dear Edible, I'm not sure. When something is smaller, for some reason, it's more desirable. Like miniature poodles. Or mini cameras. Or mini aardvark/earthpigs. So cute. And sharp. But when something is bigger it's also desirable. Like cake. And more … Continue reading Ask Ceil – News Cakes

Not the Paper Towels You’re Looking For

I love visiting bathrooms with automatic paper towel machines, where you just wave your hand at the machine. Hey, I’m a Jedi! (At least for the moment.) With all the travel I’ve been doing, I’ve really been honing my skill at appreciating the little things in life. I travel up to three weeks a month, … Continue reading Not the Paper Towels You’re Looking For