Summer Reading Epilogue: A Read Down Memory Lane

Following on from the Summer reading theme week (or Winter reading, in my case), I’ve found myself re-reading many old favourites in the past few months. I’ve managed to amass a decent collection of books over the years, and have slowly started working my way through some of them again. I’ve been told repeatedly that … Continue reading Summer Reading Epilogue: A Read Down Memory Lane


Summer Reading: Farewell Fred Voodoo

Note: This article was written by Alexandra Hanson-Harding. Please disregard the WordPress byline. Most people in Haiti live on less than two dollars a day. Hundreds of thousands have been living in tent cities without sanitation since a 2010 hurricane rattled the tiny island nation. Then, a cholera epidemic killed thousands more. They have lived … Continue reading Summer Reading: Farewell Fred Voodoo

Summer Reading: Undisputed

A long time ago, I used to watch pro-wrestling. You read right--I’m talking about muscled guys throwing each other around a ring, yelling all kinds of epithets at each other and playing out storylines ranging from cringe-worthy to pretty damn awesome-slash-hilarious. So why the sudden mention now? I’m currently working on a novel that has … Continue reading Summer Reading: Undisputed

Summer Reading: Low Country Boil

My beach reading genre of choice is romance. There. I said it. It's true. Before you get up on your literary high horse, it's summer reading, for the love of God! There are plenty of times when I want something meatier. Half-snoozing on the beach, in the hammock, or ensconced before the A.C. while my … Continue reading Summer Reading: Low Country Boil

Theme week: Books in Context

It's nearly July, and people above the equator are sitting on the beach and reading. But books are not read in isolation. There's always something going on in your life, and that will color your perception of the book. And the environment you read in changes your view of the text. We've noticed that people … Continue reading Theme week: Books in Context