Intimate Music: Dos guitarras flamencas en stereo

Flamenco is a form of folk music and dance. Far more than just rapid-fire guitar playing with handclaps, Flamenco has influences from Hindu and Arabic music. Flamenco singing tends to stretch out the vowels. The rhythms are extremely complex. All of this can seem chaotic and grating to the untrained ear. But the small amount … Continue reading Intimate Music: Dos guitarras flamencas en stereo


Everything Old is New Again

The evening was hot, even stifling. The three of us had been recording our first studio album for the past half-year, but those months of mandolin and microphones, and vocals and cables had come to a close. We were done recording, and it was time to see what we had accomplished. Roger Noguerol, our drummer … Continue reading Everything Old is New Again

Book Review: Behind the Glass (volumes I and II)

Behind the Glass (2000)Behind the Glass: Volume II (2009)by Howard Massey "I don't like options, because they just mean you take more time." When he said this, Michael Bradford was referring to musicians who save every single take, and every single idea they have while recording. This producer and engineer (who's worked with Deep Purple … Continue reading Book Review: Behind the Glass (volumes I and II)

Making the Demo (part two)

(If you didn’t read it last week, you might want to take a look at part one of this story. All caught up now? Great.) Matt and I performed almost fifty songs that night. If I had recorded the live guitar, mandolin, and vocals, all on separate tracks, this would have been a lot easier … Continue reading Making the Demo (part two)

How does music get recorded?

Spider Robinson once wrote that we live in an amazing time, when the reproduction of music—with perfect fidelity—is possible. Well, it’s possible, but it’s a hell of a lot of work. I was riding back from rehearsal this afternoon, when it occurred to me that a lot of what goes on in the studio is, … Continue reading How does music get recorded?

Running Water

I was in a band in the nineties, but I think most of my friends and family don't understand how important the experience was to me: Ten to Nine was a time of great change and turmoil in most of our personal lives. Rehearsal was hard work, a battle to get ourselves to sound better … Continue reading Running Water

Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!

I was working on a post about the album I have in post-production. It's an important project to me, and one that's been going on (and off and on) for over a decade. It's still a little unfocused, so I'll put that up next week. Here's a photo Grazina took in Highland Park, about the … Continue reading Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!