Book Review: When We Became Three

When We Became Three: A Memory Book For the Modern Familyby Jill Caryl Weiner My mom kept a baby book. It was an album with photographs and notes, and in it she recorded my first steps and my first words. She pieced it together by hand, and included photographic prints, my birth announcement in the … Continue reading Book Review: When We Became Three


Leanne: The Fear of Monsters

My parents never took a keen interest in what I was reading. I think that to them, the fact that I was reading novels was good enough. So it was that I had a relatively free hand when it came to reading material, and a lot of the time, it ended up being whatever was … Continue reading Leanne: The Fear of Monsters

Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)

As of June 19th of this year, I am no longer a teacher. I have been a professional educator for seven and half years. Now I have no classroom and no current contract. And this isn’t just a matter of summer vacation either; I have no job to go back to in the fall, and … Continue reading Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)


I currently prove multiple times a day that I am a mammal. I'm feeding a living being through my secretions. That's a weird thing for an animal to do--to take food and not just mush it up for our offspring, but to digest it and then create an entirely new substance that is enough for … Continue reading Secretions

Children and Creativity

I was recently asked if having kids has had any effect on my creativity. This is a question that’s been floating around my household quite a bit, actually. And it’s been especially relevant since about July 16th, 2012, when my husband and I welcomed our first child. See, I’m a writer and teacher with some … Continue reading Children and Creativity

The Millie Method

I’ve inadvertently discovered the best contraceptive method known to man (and woman). And it’s all thanks to Millie, my 4-month old cousin (once removed). Let me explain. When my cousin and his family visited over the weekend, they needed a babysitter while they went to a close friend’s party. Faced with the prospect of a … Continue reading The Millie Method


I embarrass my family. I know I do. Especially and in particular my children.You know what? I do not care. I would say that this is one of those parental revenge things, but that's not it at all. You could also argue that embarrassing your child is one of the weird privileges that comes with … Continue reading Twerking

Back to School Interview: Sara Goas

For the past six and a half years, I've taught English to public school ninth graders. This year, I actually have a brand new job: teaching seventh grade English in a very religious, Jewish private school.