Remember to Not Vote

by Jay Mangano Today is my birthday. It also happens to be election day in America. I’ve reached an age where neither of these things mean much to me anymore. I’m not vibrating with anticipation for the fire hose of gifts about to open (a delightful benefit of being an only child). Nor am I … Continue reading Remember to Not Vote


Ask Ceil – Fear Factor!

Dear Ceil,Why am I afraid of things?Scared in SaskatchewanDear Scared,You are afraid of things because...You are sane.Shit is scary right now. It requires a full-on pep talk for me to get out of bed these days. For God's sake, because of the bed bug epidemic that hit the news last year, I need a stiff … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Fear Factor!

My Teen Got Me Daily Show Tickets! With Puppies.

Why does the world dump on teenaged boys? They don’t behave any worse than adults with hormonal abnormalities (that you have to live with, feed, and legally guard). And like other sentient humans, teenaged boys will occasionally surprise you with their spontaneous generosity. A few months ago, my 18-year-old had not only the incredible luck … Continue reading My Teen Got Me Daily Show Tickets! With Puppies.

The Race Card

I try to be fun and sentimental in my weekly columns. Occasionally the historic events of the day push their way past any other musings hanging about in my gray matter. Headline news often gives me a reason to ponder many aspects of my life. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the … Continue reading The Race Card

Escaping Boston

I'm typing this in Schwarma Express, a Highland Park restaurant. There's a Toshiba flatscreen here, tuned to CNN. Joe the interviewee is saying, "There's a lot that people don't know." The news anchor is trying to pull more details out of Joe. And that's really his name. Joe is bald, black, and wearing a pinstripe … Continue reading Escaping Boston

Fire in Haverstraw, NY

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a house on fire, but it’s the first time I’ve been this close. This afternoon, when we came to the end of the trail in Haverstraw, I asked our friend, Glen—having ridden ahead, he was already waiting there for us—where was his brother? “I was wondering the same … Continue reading Fire in Haverstraw, NY

Egypt and Extrasolar Planets

In one generation we have gone from extraterrestrial planets being a mainstay of science fiction, to the present, where Kepler has helped turn science fiction into today's reality. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, press release 2 Feb 2011 In sixth grade, we were taught that we lived on a planet circling a star we call the … Continue reading Egypt and Extrasolar Planets