About Change

Change. Wanting to change. Knowing when to implement the change. Knowing how to change, what to change and why? Is it right, is it wrong? Should I, shouldn’t I? These thoughts roll around in my head once in a while, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. When everything seems to be slipping out of your grasp,... Continue Reading →


The Road Winds Ever Onwards

The first time I had a terrible failure at work was a few months into my first job. I hadn’t checked the information I was given, we imported some code into the development environment on a faulty assumption, and it caused an error that couldn’t be fixed without rebuilding the whole environment from a back-up.... Continue Reading →

Motivated to Show

One of the key rules all writers are taught (or should be taught!) from the beginning is: Show, don’t tell. And it’s definitely one of the keys to solid prose. After beta-reading a friend’s novel, however, I think it needs a small addition to the end: Show, don’t tell... but don’t forget to motivate. We... Continue Reading →

Angry Writing

Today, I'm angry. I'm not going to say why, because any explanation I could give would be far too tedious and unnecessary. But rest assured, I'm angry. Blindingly, burningly so. I don't like to face down a deadline when I'm angry, upset, or stressed about some real life problem. I much prefer to write while calm... Continue Reading →

Still Feeling the Fear…

I've been thinking a lot about fear lately. As often as I've already written on the importance of facing our fears, I'm starting to wonder if I'm particularly good at it myself. Last week, a select group of seniors at our school competed for the chance to deliver original speeches during graduation, and I was... Continue Reading →

Doing, Doing…Done!

Nobody likes to revise written work. No, not even we English teachers enjoy that process, even though we regularly go out of our way to teach the art of revision. "The kids should learn how to do it," we think to ourselves, year after year. "We don't have to, of course, because we know better.... Continue Reading →

Build an Inspiration Wall

Looking at that title, I realize that it doesn't feel like something I'd write. It sounds more like a suggestion out of a SARK book (e.g. "Take lots of naps", "Swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight", et cetera). Fun, sure, but not really my thing since I've become a writing adult.... Continue Reading →

“I Don’t Have Time” is No Excuse

There can be no honest discussion on the fear of writing that doesn't, somewhere, include this line: Fear is the issue. “I don’t have time,” is just an excuse. I have been dancing around this statement on this blog since August. In hindsight I should have just come out and said it sooner, but a writer... Continue Reading →

“Action conquers fear (for now)”

Since I've begun writing for this blog, many people have confessed to me that they, too, harbor a fear of writing. But how (readers will ask, time and time again) does one move past that fear? "Even though my former professor highly recommends it, I am hesitant to pursue the MFA in creative writing," one... Continue Reading →

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