Escaping the Straightjacket

One of my favorite mediums is spoken word. Recently I saw Noah St. John on NPR's Snap Judgment and if you have an extra six minutes, please click that link and watch the video. It makes me get all warm and emotional, like caramel brownies fresh out the oven. When I was in college I … Continue reading Escaping the Straightjacket


This Life of Stories

It's so easy to think that everything will continue on as it always has. You've weathered the worst of the storms, come out if not unscathed then still in one piece, and finally, things can settle down again. You can start to relax, take things for granted, and what was once strange becomes your new … Continue reading This Life of Stories

The Crane Game

Back in the golden days of my health and virility (I am, of course, speaking about college), I was lucky enough to have a weekly column in our school paper which allowed me to spout all sorts of nonsense. Reading those old pieces of prose often elicits a sickening pinch in my chest due to … Continue reading The Crane Game

Let Them Read Books

It’s a hot summer, and here in Korea, air conditioning is difficult to come by. I’ve got a small apartment, but my window unit can barely cool the living room. That means my kitchen and bedroom feel similar to what I can only imagine are the bowels of Satan after chili cook-off season. Because of … Continue reading Let Them Read Books

I’d Rather Go To the Feelies

A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned how I once went through an 1984 phase during which time I was so obsessed with the novel that everything I witnessed was somehow connected to an Orwellian conspiracy. Even today I can't help but see things like the Patriot Act or the TSA's giddiness at seeing us … Continue reading I’d Rather Go To the Feelies