Thoughts on my Android E-Reader

A few weeks ago, I bought a Kindle Fire for my birthday, after trying out a regular Kindle for a day. Here's what I said about it: Friends suggested I get a Nook, an iPad, a Samsung... but the point of this exercise was to experience using a Kindle, currently the most popular such reader[...] … Continue reading Thoughts on my Android E-Reader


Thoughts on my Fire

My wife and I both love books. Looking around our home, I can see five bookshelves without leaving my seat, and there are seven others I could see if I got up and walked a few feet. Martha ordered herself a Kindle for business travel, and she enjoys it thoroughly. She uses it on the … Continue reading Thoughts on my Fire

Thoughts on my Kindle

I recently bought a Kindle. More than once, as I’ve been excitedly showing off my new toy to friends, they’ve said “well, I just really love books, so I’m not interested in this.” Or even a more extreme version--that they’ll only be dragged into using this new technology kicking and screaming. If I point out … Continue reading Thoughts on my Kindle