Stranger Danger

I violated the very precepts of stranger danger the other week. I’d had my eye on a Playstation Vita, a portable gaming console, but the price of a new one was out of my budget. So I did what everyone does in such a situation--I turned to the vast and wonderful world of online sellers. … Continue reading Stranger Danger


Friendships on the Line

The first friend I ever made online was a guy called Buns. It was a shortened version of his online handle, though I can’t remember his full name for the life of me. Everyone simply called him Buns, and it worked. This was back in 2003, after I’d first discovered the world of video games, … Continue reading Friendships on the Line

The End of an Age

I’ve closed each chapter of my childhood as the years have passed. When I was eight, I slowly lost interest in playing pretend. When I was nine, I stopped playing with my Polly Pocket dolls, and when I was ten, I also gave up on my Barbie dolls. As I went through university, I eventually … Continue reading The End of an Age