Ask Ceil – How’s the Writing Going?

Dear Ceil: If someone asks me how the writing's going, are they being passive aggressive? Or just mocking me, outright? Hansen from The Heartland Dear Hansen, They're not being passive-aggressive, nor are they mocking you. They are aggressively mocking you. If there are two things everyone knows about writers, it's: 1. We procrastinate. We procrastinate... Continue Reading →


How To Write A Novel For A Six-Figure Advance

So you’ve written your magnum opus. This is the work that will catapult you into the realms of authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kafka, or maybe J.K. Rowling. There’s only one problem. It won’t sell. You’ve written hundreds upon thousands of queries only to receive that dreaded rejection slip every time. I’m here to... Continue Reading →

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