Stranger Danger

I violated the very precepts of stranger danger the other week. I’d had my eye on a Playstation Vita, a portable gaming console, but the price of a new one was out of my budget. So I did what everyone does in such a situation--I turned to the vast and wonderful world of online sellers. … Continue reading Stranger Danger


“Over Here, Over Here”

“All your games are single player ones,” my sister complained a few months ago. The two of us were relaxing in beanbags in my room, staring at the woefully black TV screen on a lazy Saturday afternoon. “Isn’t there anything we can play together?” I scanned my shelf. “Maybe Child of Eden... wait, no, that’s … Continue reading “Over Here, Over Here”

A History of Games

The first time I played a computer game was around 1990, when computers still had 5 ¼ inch floppy disk drives alongside the newfangled 3.5-inch ones. Windows didn’t exist yet, which meant navigating the computer required mastery of a whole series of DOS commands. “dir/w” and “cd...” are two I still fondly remember to this … Continue reading A History of Games

Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 2 – Film

This week, I’m looking at the medium of film. Movies, TV shows, Youtube videos, anything that can be watched by others--how does this provide a different way of storytelling from books and games? The biggest distinguishing feature about film is that it’s all about showing, not telling. Sure, you can have a narrator, to a … Continue reading Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 2 – Film

Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 1 – Games

One of the things I like best about stories are how flexible they are. They're everywhere, slipping into all the different-shaped cracks or gaps in our lives. Think about it--even when you tell a joke, you're telling a story with a punchline. A knock-knock joke is a mini story about someone knocking on a door. … Continue reading Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 1 – Games

A Girl Worth Fighting For

This past weekend, I found a little girl amidst a zombie apocalypse. I took her with me and protected her—not only against the hordes of ravening zombies out to devour all remaining humans, but also against the remaining humans out to devour her trust and innocence. I chose not to kill people who deserved it, … Continue reading A Girl Worth Fighting For

Infinite Scrabble

How to play "Infinite" or "wraparound" style Scrabble: I like it because there's more of a tendency to build longer words, and the board fills up more evenly. Like the regular rules, but if you build a word up to one edge of the board you can continue it on the other side. The corners … Continue reading Infinite Scrabble