“Where are we going?” Dad asked again. “We’re meeting my friend, Kathy, for lunch.” She wasn't my friend. “Oh, where’s that?” I pointed. “Right there.” “We’re having lunch?” “Yes.” “Who are we meeting?” “Kathy.” I pulled into a parking space. I didn't cry. “Ok, let’s go.” “I’ll stay here.” “No, come. We’re having lunch” “Here?” … Continue reading Lunch


The Waiting

He sits in the old recliner, his body sinking into the cushions until it seems as much a part of the upholstery as the faded blue cloth. Spindly legs, legs that once raced about a tennis court and pedaled up steep hills, lie limply on the footrest. Arms which once wrestled the yoke of a … Continue reading The Waiting

A Bear in the Woods

"Mum!" Jenny gasped in a panic, groping under her pillow in the dim light. "I left Herman at the woodlot!"Her mother tucked the old quilt around her more tightly. "You can make do with your duck until we go again." She reached over and grabbed Duck Duck McStuffins. "No!" Jenny wailed. "We can't just leave him … Continue reading A Bear in the Woods


“Mom, isn’t there something wrong with this diner?” I spin on the high leatherette counter stool, taking in the mirrored,overlit surfaces, the display case of cheesecakes and baklava, glossy fruit pies and multilayered cakes, the mostly empty booths and tables.“Overdone? Too much?” “No,” Sylvie murmurs. “Just something... off? I don’t know. Kind of... fake?” “Inauthentic? … Continue reading Unconvincing

Flash Fiction Week VI: Fathers, Mothers, Others

I can't believe it's been over a year since our last week of flash fiction. And so we present: Flash Fiction week VI Topic: Fathers, Mothers, Others When: June 9--June 13 Word length: 500 words As usual, contact the editor to sign up, or leave a comment here and we'll get back to you. Update: … Continue reading Flash Fiction Week VI: Fathers, Mothers, Others