Pines Against the Sky

6/2 Mark, I wanted you to know that I'm in St. Louis. (I just drove. This is where the car ended up.) Not feeling as sunny as postcard picture. I'm sorry I ran away. I need some time. I don't recognize the voice in my head anymore. The driving was nice. Very quiet. More later. … Continue reading Pines Against the Sky



Tweets RJ Hayden @RJHayden I can tell you read my tweets, even though you don’t follow me. #justsayingupsterExpand 2 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden In the gazebo where I used to kiss you breathless, I’ve left something for you.Expand 3 May Scott @ScottyBoy79 What? Dude u never kissed me breathless!Expand 3 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden Only … Continue reading Following

Mass Confusion

A small selection of emails from one particular incident. From: To: Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: Timesheet Help Hi, I hope this is the right list. I’m having trouble with the spreadsheet I’m using to fill in my work hours. Can you please help? Thanks, John *** From: To:, Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: RE: Timesheet Help I’m … Continue reading Mass Confusion


Dear Esteemed Friend, I send you this letter hoping you are in good health. I am contacting you because your name is on the register of highly respected business people. I have a proposition for you. But first please let me tell you my story. I am an orphan. My parents both died when I … Continue reading 419

August 1941

August 1941 My Dearest Martha, I wanted to find some letterhead but Fitzsimmons took the last one and said I didn’t deserve it because he beat me in darts last week. Anyway, I wanted to write to you one last time while I was still on American soil. It’s been quite a dreary couple of … Continue reading August 1941

Call for submissions: Flash Fiction week IV

The next flash fiction week on the Nose is going to be a little different. Here's the reason for that: The theme will be epistolary fiction. The word "epistolary" is generally used to describe a novel told in letters, but stories can be built from any kind of correspondence at all. So it'll be your … Continue reading Call for submissions: Flash Fiction week IV

Epistolary Flash Fiction: Week IV

Our next short fiction event will be a little different than the general fiction of previous weeks. The theme will be letters. (Emails or other messages are fine.) The piece can be one long letter or a thread of shorter messages; the format is up to the writer. The only other requirements are the length … Continue reading Epistolary Flash Fiction: Week IV