He was safe. No phones would ring, no thieves could break in, no internet hackers would steal his identity. Enclosed in his one-bedroom bungalow ten miles outside of Raleigh, Joe planned for everything. He could still get around if need be. His handicapped-modified car allowed him to visit people and go to stores. But otherwise, … Continue reading Safe


What the Pig Saw

The pig sat beside the farmer. Its beady eyes seemed to survey its surroundings. "That's a lean pig you've got there, Len," the barman said to the farmer. "Aye. Not sure how it got to my farm. I looked out two days ago and there it was, on my doorstep." Len sipped at his pint. … Continue reading What the Pig Saw

Magic Within

This ending to an imaginary novel is the final post of flash fiction week V. She stepped onto the stage, high heels shouting echoes through footlights and dust. Hector was there, too, stage left. The dark of his jacket sank into the velvet walls, and he seemed protected by the theater's gargoyles behind him. She … Continue reading Magic Within

Glider Escape

This ending to an imaginary novel is the fourth post of flash fiction week V. I watched him roll down the hill, slow at first but, quickly building up speed. “Come on, faster... faster! If he doesn’t get more speed it will never lift!” I hissed through my teeth. The contraption cobbled together from scrap … Continue reading Glider Escape

The Beginning

This ending to an imaginary novel is the third post of flash fiction week V. “American Airlines flight 1020 is now boarding.”The announcement crackled over the speakers in the waiting lounge. I gave my farewell party a small smile. I’d never have thought, coming to New York over a month ago, to hide from the … Continue reading The Beginning

The End

This ending to an imaginary novel is the second post of flash fiction week V. Evening had closed in. Strains of familiar Irish tunes both held me in the present and sent my thoughts winging far across the ocean and into the past. In their notes was held the memories of my lifetime. The parties … Continue reading The End

Flash Fiction Week V: The End

After the rousing success of our last week of flash fiction, I've been eager to do another one. Length: 500--750 words Date: May 20--24 Theme: "The End" This time, each story will be the end of a fictional novel. That needs a little explanation: The gist is that the story should feel like the ending … Continue reading Flash Fiction Week V: The End

Pines Against the Sky

6/2 Mark, I wanted you to know that I'm in St. Louis. (I just drove. This is where the car ended up.) Not feeling as sunny as postcard picture. I'm sorry I ran away. I need some time. I don't recognize the voice in my head anymore. The driving was nice. Very quiet. More later. … Continue reading Pines Against the Sky


Tweets RJ Hayden @RJHayden I can tell you read my tweets, even though you don’t follow me. #justsayingupsterExpand 2 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden In the gazebo where I used to kiss you breathless, I’ve left something for you.Expand 3 May Scott @ScottyBoy79 What? Dude u never kissed me breathless!Expand 3 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden Only … Continue reading Following

Mass Confusion

A small selection of emails from one particular incident. From: To: Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: Timesheet Help Hi, I hope this is the right list. I’m having trouble with the spreadsheet I’m using to fill in my work hours. Can you please help? Thanks, John *** From: To:, Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: RE: Timesheet Help I’m … Continue reading Mass Confusion