Of Giants and Men

You were a giant, once. Every step resonated through my world, every word tolled like the great bells of London. You were the sky I aspired to reach, the limits I aspired to challenge. The limits, my mind whispered, that I could never hope to surpass. For how does one swim better than a dolphin, … Continue reading Of Giants and Men


A Bear in the Woods

"Mum!" Jenny gasped in a panic, groping under her pillow in the dim light. "I left Herman at the woodlot!"Her mother tucked the old quilt around her more tightly. "You can make do with your duck until we go again." She reached over and grabbed Duck Duck McStuffins. "No!" Jenny wailed. "We can't just leave him … Continue reading A Bear in the Woods

The Grateful Living

Let me tell you a story from two years ago, a story that few people outside my family know.It’s probably two or three in the morning--I’m not sure, and I don’t really care at this point. It’s my turn for bedside duty while the rest of the family gets some much-needed rest. I’m watching the … Continue reading The Grateful Living