Early Mornings

I’ve never been an early morning person before. It’s just too much effort to wake up early. Not to mention, most of my friends are nocturnal creatures. But when I returned from France, I found that jetlag was dragging me back into the land of the conscious at 5am in the morning. Yes. FIVE. AM. … Continue reading Early Mornings


A Filipino Christmas: Family Seen and Unseen

“Why do Filipinos send Christmas cards to the dead?” I asked my mother. She was doing the daily crossword puzzle in my kitchen, just before Thanksgiving. “What?” She drew her brows together, kept her eyes on the crossword. “We don’t.” “Sure you do. You always sent Lola a Christmas card and a birthday card. Delia … Continue reading A Filipino Christmas: Family Seen and Unseen

A Perfect Comparison

In the midst of all of that, I was beginning to lose sight of who I was. I desperately wanted to do a Creative Writing degree in university--but engineering was respectable, had actual job prospects, and my dad did it. Look at that, we can say it runs in the family. Won’t they be proud?

Please Be Brutally Honest

I was a pretty terrible child. Spoiled, impatient and easily annoyed, I can’t imagine I was all that pleasant to put up with. (My family still hasn’t disowned me, so I assume I turned out relatively okay.) But worst of all--and one of my biggest regrets still--was how I treated my little sister. Before she … Continue reading Please Be Brutally Honest

This Life of Stories

It's so easy to think that everything will continue on as it always has. You've weathered the worst of the storms, come out if not unscathed then still in one piece, and finally, things can settle down again. You can start to relax, take things for granted, and what was once strange becomes your new … Continue reading This Life of Stories


I've always said that writing is scary. Hey, I built an entire blog on the concept. Over a year's worth of posts, and it all came down to this: Creating is tough. There's such an intense sense of responsibility that comes with bringing something to life, with creating something from nothing, and putting it out … Continue reading Baby

Let Them Read Books

It’s a hot summer, and here in Korea, air conditioning is difficult to come by. I’ve got a small apartment, but my window unit can barely cool the living room. That means my kitchen and bedroom feel similar to what I can only imagine are the bowels of Satan after chili cook-off season. Because of … Continue reading Let Them Read Books

Gummi Bears and Bookstores

It was near closing time. Mike pulled out the shelf-ladder and climbed to the overstock to put away the seventy thousand copies of the latest James Patterson novel. He was so open to attack he may as well have walked around the parking lot with blinking lights and a giant neon pink arrow that pointed … Continue reading Gummi Bears and Bookstores