How to Keep Bloggers Happy: An Editor’s Guide

I've learned a few things from being the editor of the Nose. My goal is to help writers write regularly, and learn how to work with an editor. I've also learned a lot about how to work with writers along the way. This is written to other editors who might want to put a blog … Continue reading How to Keep Bloggers Happy: An Editor’s Guide


Using an Editor

Editors make the text flow well, we chop out inconsistencies. When you hand a manuscript to an editor, the process can seem like a bit of a black box: Words go in, slightly smoothed-over words come out. When you send a manuscript to a freelance editor, it may seem like you're throwing your book into … Continue reading Using an Editor

What the Hell Do Editors Do?

"My brother-in-law edited the manuscript, but they changed my voice. The story didn't feel like me any more." I've lost count of how many times I've heard this from clients. Editing can mean one of a few things, but it does not mean rewriting the manuscript to what the writer's brother-in-law--or friend, or co-worker--thinks it … Continue reading What the Hell Do Editors Do?

Proofing for Pleasure

The was a time when I used to think that critiquing others’ writing was a necessary time-drain. In the same way you might help a friend to level up when playing a multiplayer game for the purpose of having a required companion to run through a dungeon with you, there was always a major element … Continue reading Proofing for Pleasure

Editor, Audio Tech

I edit books--it's what I do as a professional. But I also am a musician on the side, and, a few times a year, get a job as an audio tech. I'm a professional at these things as well. A career counselor once told me this is called a composite career. A few times a … Continue reading Editor, Audio Tech

English Major Confessions: Editing

I have fond memories from my college years sitting at the student union in a group with our books spread open over the table. We chatted as we took notes and sipped our coffees. Since I was an English major, I’d not use a textbook, but would instead be bent over a novel, using a … Continue reading English Major Confessions: Editing

What Makes a Successful Writer?

My wife, Kimmy, and I spend a lot of time at a small, independent coffee shop in the heart of Busan called Hipster Coffee. We’re the only foreigners who frequent the place, and we’ve come to know the owners on a first name basis. It’s a great little place to spend the afternoon writing, reading, … Continue reading What Makes a Successful Writer?

Track Changes

Anyone who writes or edits books will eventually come across a mention to the Track Changes feature in Word. It's a powerful tool that gets a lot of use on my Mac, and it's worth the price I paid for Office all on its own. I'm going to go over what Track Changes can do, … Continue reading Track Changes

What I Learned in November

I wrote a novel in November. It was an accident. Friends have talked about National Novel Writing Month for years. This year, my plan was to not do it, again. I didn't have time.  But I wanted to go through the preparations and see what 1667 words a day felt like, so I would know … Continue reading What I Learned in November

Practicing on Project Gutenberg

Editing and proofreading one's own writing is traditionally considered difficult, but I find that all one needs to do this is (a) time, and maybe (b) a little bit of self-deception. To me, editing is a process of broad discovery, then one of focusing in on the details, then getting the big picture in order. … Continue reading Practicing on Project Gutenberg