The Youtube Effect

My mother handed me a book and told me it had been written by a local high school student. I was flabbergasted, impressed even. I come from a town of about nine thousand so someone getting a book published would be a pretty big deal--the town paper had even done a short writeup on him. … Continue reading The Youtube Effect


Time for Another Revolution

Sure, call it bragging, but I graduated summa cum laude with the top (or damn close to it) grade in the English Department. (Albeit in my small university.) The year I was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta I was its Vice President and the following year I was the President. I made the Dean's List every semester and … Continue reading Time for Another Revolution

Atoms and Words

Publishers spend a lot of time on book covers and page design, to make books professional-looking and attractive. E-books bypass all of this: There's a cover page, but it's easily dismissed when we turn the page. All e-books look more or less the same, and the words have to stand on their own. The selling … Continue reading Atoms and Words

Thoughts on my Kindle

I recently bought a Kindle. More than once, as I’ve been excitedly showing off my new toy to friends, they’ve said “well, I just really love books, so I’m not interested in this.” Or even a more extreme version--that they’ll only be dragged into using this new technology kicking and screaming. If I point out … Continue reading Thoughts on my Kindle