Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice

I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month this year, the first novel I have ever written. I am in the process of revising it to make it suitable for public consumption. As I've been revising, I've noticed an unevenness in my writing style, and I have developed an experimental method for ironing out these … Continue reading Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice


Dear Magnificent Nose Readers

One of the joys I’ve discovered lately is receiving letters. I’m not talking about bills or ‘personalised’ notes from politicians up for re-election. No, I’m talking about opening the flap of that mailbox and seeing real, honest-to-goodness letters from people who actually know you. I’m talking about seeing a decorative envelope that has your name … Continue reading Dear Magnificent Nose Readers

Words That Sing

Note: This post has been written in response to this WordPress challenge. Writing isn't all that exciting. If it were a movie it'd be a lengthy shot of me sitting there, looking into the distance, then a burst of typing, then a pause, then another burst of typing. The only noise would be the sound … Continue reading Words That Sing

Tedious Circles of Hell, Described

When you walk down the street, you notice many things. Stay with me, here: You hear the muted slaps of footfalls striking slightly wet pavement, slippery with leaves you can't see. You see the yellow, uneven quality of light--evoking the offscreen sun coming out from behind the clouds you assume are there, sunrise a recent … Continue reading Tedious Circles of Hell, Described