Writing. Something everyone can do, but something very few excel in. Now, before I get into the swing of things, there is a delineation I’d like to draw between people writing for fun, and people writing with the aim of becoming a professional. I would love it if everyone wrote for fun. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading Professionalism


The Rice Cooker Chronicles

Our rice cooker broke two weeks ago. I’m not quite sure why it gave up the ghost--perhaps it simply tired of being a one-trick pony. More likely it’s because it was a $15 bargain from the local department story. If you live in an Asian family, you’ll know what a disaster a broken rice cooker … Continue reading The Rice Cooker Chronicles

Kicking It Up a Notch

Saturdays were early waking days for me in middle school. It was a force of habit, yes, but I also liked to watch TV and, my favorite, make an absolute mess out of the kitchen. I first learned how to make scrambled eggs and after I mastered that, I moved on to pancakes. I had … Continue reading Kicking It Up a Notch

Ask Ceil – Briefly, Potatoes

Dear Ceil, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with Twitter. Why would one choose to restrict one’s expression so severely? One-hundred and forty characters isn’t enough to really say anything worth reading. Frustrated in Florida Dear Frustrated, Some say that brevity is the soul of wit. Actually, Shakespeare said that, in the … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Briefly, Potatoes

R.I.P. Chrome Laptop

I was thinking about what to write for a blog post -- today I'm coming up empty on ideas -- when I realized I'd not written about the death of my Google Chrome laptop several weeks ago. The story is somewhat embarrassing: We were making cookies, which called for finely chopped nuts, the chromebook was … Continue reading R.I.P. Chrome Laptop

Chili recipe winter 2010/2011

I'm doing some housecleaning here on the website, and I came across this post with a recipe for veggie chili. In the intervening four years, I've significantly changed how I make chili. This isn't a recipe per se, it's more of a description of the process I use to make chili. Photo by Manuel W … Continue reading Chili recipe winter 2010/2011