God Bless Us, Every One

During a ski trip to Vermont, I once saw a foot and a half of snow come down overnight. Not only was the powdery fluff great--a rarity in East Coast skiing, I'm told--but the roads were not too shabby either. Jersey snowstorms are weirdly torturous. Even when we get quite a lot of snow, it's … Continue reading God Bless Us, Every One


A Filipino Christmas: Family Seen and Unseen

“Why do Filipinos send Christmas cards to the dead?” I asked my mother. She was doing the daily crossword puzzle in my kitchen, just before Thanksgiving. “What?” She drew her brows together, kept her eyes on the crossword. “We don’t.” “Sure you do. You always sent Lola a Christmas card and a birthday card. Delia … Continue reading A Filipino Christmas: Family Seen and Unseen

A Jewish Christmas

"On the fifteenth day of the seventh month when you gather the land's produce, you shall celebrate YHWH's holiday seven days. [...] And on the first day you shall take fruit of appealing trees, branches of palms, boughs of thick trees, and willows of a wadi, and you shall be happy in front of YHWH, … Continue reading A Jewish Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas was the ultimate childhood experience. You spent weekends perusing Sears catalogs as thick as phone books. There were nighttime gingerbread making sessions. The very calendar days were made of chocolate. And in the 1970s, the Monday before any holiday at 8pm on CBS was reserved for Charlie Brown. It was a threshold. When you … Continue reading A Charlie Brown Christmas

Two Weeks

This Monday will kick off Holiday Film Week here at the Nose. We have several fun posts planned, the first of which will be an article on the classic Miracle on 34th Street, written by our Assistant Editor, Kathleen. The week following will be a second theme week (two in a row!), this one with … Continue reading Two Weeks

Two weeks of holiday posts

A theme week is when all the posts have something in common for an entire week. We're taking this to the next level: The next two theme weeks, for November and December, will be run back-to-back. And the two weeks will have similar, but not identical themes.

Jingle Bells, Parties Smell

It's that time of year again. Christmas decorations are up, carols are piped through every and any available speaker, and worst of all... it's time for the dreaded Christmas parties. Don't get me wrong, Christmas parties with family are great. But what I would prefer to avoid at all costs are the corporate parties. They're … Continue reading Jingle Bells, Parties Smell

Ask Ceil – Shopping List

Dear Ceil, Should I start my Christmas shopping now, or is that too early? Fashionably late in Florham Park Dear Fashionably, No, you can absolutely wait until Christmas eve to go shopping. Many people, including those near and dear to me, have not started shopping yet either. To help you get through the next day … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Shopping List

Ask Ceil – Holiday Advice

Dear Ceil, With the holidays coming up, how do I keep from gaining 20 pounds over the next two weeks? Fat in Fargo Dear Fat, I share this concern. I come from a large Italian family that considers food just a shade less sacred than the baby Jesus. Our Christmas dinner usually comes in courses … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Holiday Advice

“A Good Way to Start is to Stand”

"I know what I want to say in my essay," my students tell me, over and over again. "The problem is, I don't know how to start." "Start with what you know you want to say," I'll tell them. "You can always work backwards later." "Uh huh," they'll say, still eyeing their keyboards nervously. The … Continue reading “A Good Way to Start is to Stand”