Escaping Boston

I'm typing this in Schwarma Express, a Highland Park restaurant. There's a Toshiba flatscreen here, tuned to CNN. Joe the interviewee is saying, "There's a lot that people don't know." The news anchor is trying to pull more details out of Joe. And that's really his name. Joe is bald, black, and wearing a pinstripe … Continue reading Escaping Boston



I like being alone, but I'm a little afraid of it, so I make sure I confront it every few months or so. I hop on a bike and ride for a few days. There's nobody in sight except for the few people I run into by accident at a campground or a stop sign. … Continue reading Alone

Two Portraits

This is a bonus post, to share some good writing. Regular articles will continue tomorrow. When we went on vacation to Florida in 2008, I remember looking at the Overseas Highway that links the Keys together and thinking that it would be truly suicidal to cycle there. Jeff Armin apparently disagrees. He's currently crossing the … Continue reading Two Portraits

How has technology affected bicycle touring?

Imagine this: Riding your bike from, say, New York to Los Angeles—I have no idea why anyone would want to ride a bike there, but let’s go with it—anyway, you’re in the middle of Pennsylvania, somewhere near Harrisburg. You hear from an online friend, who’s a voice in your ear and is monitoring your location, … Continue reading How has technology affected bicycle touring?

Parallel Lines Meet at Cape Salt

From November 3—7 of 2010, I rode my bike from Cape May to my home, but didn’t make it. The ride ended ignobly with my drivetrain tearing itself apart. I walked a mile and a half to a coffee shop and waited for Martha to rescue us, fifty miles shy of making it home. I’ve … Continue reading Parallel Lines Meet at Cape Salt