Editorial Style

Here is the Magnificent Nose style guide.

Here are some useful links to editorial reference guides:

The Chicago Manual of Style is a great reference that I use for almost everything. (Nothing on this site is in academic format, so I haven’t had occasion to use APA or MLA style here.)

I use my paper copy of the AP Style Guide for more newsy material, generally when something is heavily referring to current events. (AP users, check out the hilarity that is @FakeAPStylebook if you haven’t already.) In particular, I’m currently using AP’s 9/11 Style Guide for out 9/11 theme week.

The Editor

Neil Fein, the editor of Magnificent Nose, is also a freelance editor:

I have experience working on many kinds of documents and text. I’ve done quick proofreading jobs, prepress checks, and even some rewriting and fact-checking, but my true love is line-editing.

(For more information on this craft, may I refer you to this post?)

I can make your writing better yet still your piece, by suggesting changes, deleting redundant sentences and phrases, and correcting grammatical problems that can pop the reader out of the story. I’m not here to strip out every single instance of passive voice; I believe that editors should do as little as possible when the text is going well, and the author’s judgement is to be deferred to. (Well, usually.) I want to help you make your text easier to read while preserving your unique style.

  • Books—both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, but I prefer fiction
  • Web copy—blogs, site text, interface text
  • Style sheets—development and maintenance
  • Ad copy—Mailings and newsletters, commercial and non-profit
  • Corporate documents—reports, summary papers, procedures, presentations

Contact me for rates and an estimate of how long your job will take. I prefer to charge by the job, with an understanding of how long the work will take. For more information about me, here’s my profile on LinkedIn, and you have this entire website to explore.