An ode to a silent boy

For my brother. You haven’t spoken a word Not once these twenty odd years Although we’ve learned to read you Like a book without a spine It’s still a hit or miss affair When we were but children Vague emotions do I remember Of times when we would play We never really did get along, … Continue reading An ode to a silent boy


Catching Up with Poetry

Grass stood in patches and small tufts, like the patchy beard of the Earth. As a fourth grader, I sat and fidgeted, but soon the small movements of insects caught my attention, and I imagined them a story. We'd been instructed to sit outside and observe nature, taking mental notes to serve as inspiration for … Continue reading Catching Up with Poetry

Escaping the Straightjacket

One of my favorite mediums is spoken word. Recently I saw Noah St. John on NPR's Snap Judgment and if you have an extra six minutes, please click that link and watch the video. It makes me get all warm and emotional, like caramel brownies fresh out the oven. When I was in college I … Continue reading Escaping the Straightjacket

Free the Verse

In college I could often be found in the student union, sipping the black while writing poetry with a ball point pen. In the seven years since graduation, this has continued, only now I use my laptop, and more often than not, I’m writing fiction. But just a few days ago I got out a … Continue reading Free the Verse


The chemical scent of ink always makes me imagine white sterilized rooms with a palm plant sitting in the corner. I'm not sure why this is, but I assume it has something to do with my tattoos. While little pools of ink sit in a tray waiting for injection into my body, its pungent aroma … Continue reading Ink