Conversations With My Cat

Duke noses my bedroom door open and slips inside. I turn from my computer screen, and he trots up to my chair and returns my gaze with wide eyes. “Meow.” What are you up to? “I’m trying to write this week’s article, and procrastinating by researching Germany’s tactics during WWII for my next novel. Have … Continue reading Conversations With My Cat


Delighted by Ducati

My family’s about to welcome its newest member. No, I’m not talking about a surprise child--though you could say that to my parents, the news was definitely a surprise. I’m talking about Ducati, a kitten my sister and I decided to adopt. (We’ve yet to agree who gets to be the mum, as opposed to … Continue reading Delighted by Ducati

Deconstructed: Pacific Rim

"Pacific Rim" is one of the huge Summer blockbusters, and its core concept can be summed up in five words: Giant robots fighting giant monsters. It sounds ridiculous, like any other movie on the ever-growing list of brainless action fare. But it’s one of my favourite movies so far this year. And for reference, this … Continue reading Deconstructed: Pacific Rim

Reflection and Appreciation

Three years ago I was picked up at a Korean airport in the middle of a rainstorm. My friends Kate and Chaz had already been there for a year and they took us on a combination bus and taxi ride to their apartment. The lights in Busan shone red and orange and yellow and reflected … Continue reading Reflection and Appreciation


Some of you may have noticed that "Friends of the Nose" link in the sidebar (to your right, and down a little bit), but I'd guess that most of you haven't. These are sites of people who've written for the Nose, or are simply people who hang out here a bit. Since a proper article … Continue reading Friends


Looking to call attention to a particular word? The English language has given us many linguistic tools to do just that, and here are a few of them: Writers can use one of our many useful adjectives to modify a noun. This will call attention not only to the adjective ("useful") but to the word … Continue reading Emphasis

Flying a kite

My kite is a simple, wonderful thing. There’s very little like holding onto a kite in a steady breeze. I am the kite’s anchor, and my hands are the only thing keeping it from lurching away into power lines or maybe a nearby tree. There are hesitant kites, ones where I’ll have to run down … Continue reading Flying a kite

Ask Ceil – Why Do We Watch?

Dear Ceil, I have an addiction to the Spelling Bee. Is there anything that can be done? Haunted. H-A-U-N-T-E-D. Haunted in Hawaii. Dear Haunted, I completely understand. I also have an addiction to all things wordy. Sometimes I play Scrabble. Sometimes I play Words with Friends. Also, Boggle, Word Frenzy, Word Mix, Wordz, Text Twist, … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Why Do We Watch?

Memorial day links

I’m giving myself today off, since it’s Memorial Day here in the US, but never fear, the Nose won’t let you down! Here are some articles I quite liked over the past few weeks: Don’t Click Here: The Art of Hyperlinking, by Jeff Atwood People, it’s 2011, and your readers know how a link works. … Continue reading Memorial day links