Lessons from France (part 2)

Last week, I started writing about the lessons I’d learned from my whirlwind trip through France. This is the continuation of that post--without further ado, Part 2 of Lessons from France! Ask anyway, no matter how silly it seems.We drove through a stunning area called the Tarn Gorge, a road cut into the long, winding … Continue reading Lessons from France (part 2)


Lessons from France (part 1)

Ah, France! The land of bread, cheese, wine, and amazing food. Not to mention a beautiful countryside and a lot of history. I’ve just returned from two weeks exploring the place, and have picked up a few lessons along the way that I thought I’d share. In fact, I picked up so many that this … Continue reading Lessons from France (part 1)

Reflection and Appreciation

Three years ago I was picked up at a Korean airport in the middle of a rainstorm. My friends Kate and Chaz had already been there for a year and they took us on a combination bus and taxi ride to their apartment. The lights in Busan shone red and orange and yellow and reflected … Continue reading Reflection and Appreciation

The Little Tea Shop That Could

On a whim, my wife and I took our scooter up into the mountains behind our home to visit our most favorite traditional tea and pottery house. The tea service is free, and all of the kettles and pottery are handmade with amazing attention to detail. We've got only five weeks left in Korea, so … Continue reading The Little Tea Shop That Could

What’s your plumbob?

Cotton candy clouds. Perfect pink popcorn petals. These are the words my wife, Kimmy, uses to describe cherry blossoms. For a few short weeks in spring, everywhere we look the trees are covered with them. Then, as they age, they fall from the tree limbs like a soft snowstorm. The petals collect on the ground … Continue reading What’s your plumbob?

Navigating the Streets

While living abroad, I've wanted to write a story or some poetry that captures my time here. My every attempt has failed, but I've not given up. I often ponder ideas while on the bus or taxi stuck in a traffic. And traffic in Korea is a chaotic ballet, where red lights mean “stop” only … Continue reading Navigating the Streets

To Canberra, With Love

The time has come--I am leaving the city that has been my home for over three years now. Canberra is a capital city, and, relatively speaking, a small town--one with many jobs, the reason why most people move here, myself included. But no matter how we struggle against it, things cannot remain the same forever. … Continue reading To Canberra, With Love

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The other day, I went on a trip to the coast with my friend. We had no particular plan, the only constraint being the town where we were to stay the night. My goal, when driving, is to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. The travelling itself is a means … Continue reading Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Magnificent Muse

For Koreans, seeing vendors selling their goods on the street is normal. It’s not balked at or given a second thought. But everyday, on my walk to the grocery, I pass a trio of old, hunched women who sit on upturned buckets surrounded by red plastic trays of produce, their old faces wrinkled by the … Continue reading Magnificent Muse

Bookish People and a Bookish Day

When we first run into Janice at the train station, we don't know that she's a union organizer for Rutgers, loves to read, and--oddly--lives a few blocks from our house. Well, she was reading Ray Bradbury, so the "loves to read" part wasn't much of a surprise. Our friend Kayla has just dropped us off … Continue reading Bookish People and a Bookish Day