Combatting the Cold

December for me means snow, falling and resting on the ground, the sidewalk. It means gloves warm enough to brush it off my car and then touch the frozen steering wheel to guide myself to work. It means the cuffs of my pants frosted in white as I come inside from the cold. But in … Continue reading Combatting the Cold


Writing about Listening

I watched Magic Mike a few weeks ago, and found the film rather depressing. In part, because for most of the movie, none of the characters actually listen to what anyone else is saying. This is common, because listening is a hard skill. Most of us spend our time thinking about what we're going to … Continue reading Writing about Listening


I’ve been thinking recently about careers and jobs, and how we choose what we want to do to make money. If life were like a comic book, it would be easy: “My ability to shoot sonar from my elbows, combined with the alien doohickey that I found under some old newspapers, obviously lead me to … Continue reading Superpowers