You Had Surgery Where?

My beloved asked me this week if I had seen the photos going viral of the contestants in the Miss Korea 2013 pageant. Of course he wasn't actually aware that the photos were contestants until I pointed it out. Being Korean himself, he gets his share of Asian pinup girl photos in his inbox and … Continue reading You Had Surgery Where?


Independence Day

I’m very much a child of what I think of as the “independent” movement. This has nothing to do with gender or age. It’s the increasingly pervasive idea that we should be almost completely self-reliant. Dependence is out of the question--it means that either you’re failing as a man, or too weak as a woman. … Continue reading Independence Day

The Grateful Living

Let me tell you a story from two years ago, a story that few people outside my family know.It’s probably two or three in the morning--I’m not sure, and I don’t really care at this point. It’s my turn for bedside duty while the rest of the family gets some much-needed rest. I’m watching the … Continue reading The Grateful Living

The Slippery Slope of Constructive Criticism

My husband thinks I've become a bit too, er, verbose when I offer criticism to others. "You're not wrong about the things that you say," Ted told me recently. "But you need to work on your tone." "Is that so?" I replied, my tone sharp. "Give me one example." My husband reminded me of an … Continue reading The Slippery Slope of Constructive Criticism

The Final Check-In

Social media has changed how we communicate, but it’s also redefined the who and why. Inane 140-character bursts to swarms of strangers have replaced actual correspondence. Instead of just going somewhere, we now feel the need to check-in so everyone knows what we’re doing--whether it’s noteworthy or not. Arriving backstage at a Foo Fighters concert … Continue reading The Final Check-In