“Those People”

By Ruth Hansen I’ve spent the last few years reading and thinking and writing a lot about how stigma works in society. Those excuses you hear about why it’s sad, but “not my problem” that kids at the border are getting locked up? That’s the result of thinking about “those people” — the parents and... Continue Reading →


Of the people, by the people, for the people (including those with mental illness or HIV)

By Ruth Hansen Elections are over, it’s cold, and Americans are transitioning federal administrations. Newly elected members of Congress have been sworn in, and soon there will be a Presidential inauguration. There’s no shortage of news — politically, socially — and no shortage of pundits. So I am emboldened to throw my hat and my... Continue Reading →

Behind the Curtain

The government shutdown is well under way as I write, though by the time this item "goes to press" the Congressional shennangins will hopefully be history. Even if you are not a particular fan of politics, you are unlikely to have missed hearing all about the drama in Washington on the news. You may not... Continue Reading →

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