Superpower Evolution

While going through papers recently, I found a number of my old IDs. This allowed me to provide proof of the superpower I discussed in last week's post. For those of y'all who haven't read it yet (And why not?), my superpower is that I look good in all of my ID photos. And here's … Continue reading Superpower Evolution


Drip drip drip

Highland Park is melting, but I have complete faith that it will freeze again overnight. You may remember this photo from earlier in the month. I was going to the fridge for leftover pizza this morning, and I saw the same tree with a sheen of ice on it. By the time it occurred to … Continue reading Drip drip drip


I took this photo for no particular reason. It was only afterwards that I realized that the snow looked odd, almost as if the pine tree were covered with dry packing material. Those of you who have off for Martin Luther King Day, I hope you're enjoying the holiday. I'm writing a regular post for … Continue reading Snow

Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!

I was working on a post about the album I have in post-production. It's an important project to me, and one that's been going on (and off and on) for over a decade. It's still a little unfocused, so I'll put that up next week. Here's a photo Grazina took in Highland Park, about the … Continue reading Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!


I don't understand the big deal about cupcakes. For the most part, cupcakes are sweet muffins, or little pieces of cake with far too much frosting. In some cases, the effort to make a cupcake appealing can be positively creepy. I suppose that these are supposed to be cute and cuddly cupcakes, but it looks … Continue reading Cupcakes

A Very Pink Christmas, So Nu?

I was walking on South Seventh Avenue here in town, and I passed a house with a modest Christmas lighting display, complete with electric candy-canes on their front lawn. When I later looked at this camphone picture, I realized that all I could think of was the recent NASA announcement. An arsenic candy cane might … Continue reading A Very Pink Christmas, So Nu?

Symmetrical, Quiet

If I may distract you for a moment from the TSA and backscatter x-ray machines: Every so often, life throws me a meditative moment, and I catch these more often when I'm on a bicycle. I came on a block of houses and symmetrical trees arching over the road when I was riding to a … Continue reading Symmetrical, Quiet

Gotta love that friction

In February 2008, we went to Utah to visit my sister-in-law's soon-to-be in-laws. Here's the second oddest thing I saw in Salt Lake City: Utah is very snowy, with snow drifts far taller than I am. The first day there was the only super-cold day, but that was more than enough winter for me. I … Continue reading Gotta love that friction