Geek Creation Show: Event Report

This weekend, an event known as The Geek Creation Show was held in Piscataway, NJ. As a lead up to the event, Magnificent Nose interviewed its organizer Jeff Mach a few weeks ago. He was somewhat coy in answering questions, believing the even was best left to the attendee to experience. If this was your... Continue Reading →


Interview: Geek Creation Show

I recently heard about an upcoming event known as The Geek Creation Show. I had no idea what this could possibly be about. I did find the website intriguing. So when I was offered the chance to interview the organizer of the event, Jeff Mach of the eponymous Jeff Mach Events, I jumped on it.... Continue Reading →

Back to School Interview: Noelle L.

Noelle is originally from Pittsburgh. She always wanted to teach and was always very active in sports. Volleyball was her favorite. She played right through college and enjoyed being competitive in sports. With that in mind, majoring in Health and Phys. Ed. seemed like a natural choice to her. She loves to be active even if she isn't playing volleyball any more. She is interested in all aspects of healthy living.

Back to School Interview: Sara Goas

For the past six and a half years, I've taught English to public school ninth graders. This year, I actually have a brand new job: teaching seventh grade English in a very religious, Jewish private school.

Back to School Interview: Lisa Miller Kawalek

For back-to-school week on Magnificent Nose, we’ll be featuring interviews with teachers and other education professionals. Lisa Miller Kawalek teaches at Bayonne High School in Bayonne, NJ. In addition, she's a teacher with Judith Kawalek presents Kindermusik, where she leads music and movement classes for babies and their caretakers. Magnificent Nose: Could you start out... Continue Reading →

Back to School Interview: Dianna T.

For back-to-school week on Magnificent Nose, we’ll be featuring interviews with teachers and other education professionals. Dianna T. teaches at a bilingual school in New York City. She is fluent in both French and English, but because she is a native speaker of English she's expected not to speak French with the children. She quickly... Continue Reading →

Back to School Interview: Julie Goldberg

I'm a high school librarian. I'm also involved in technology, curriculum, and staff development for teachers. I used to be a high school English teacher. I love talking to kids about books, writing, and information, but after I had my children, I knew I couldn't be the mother I wanted to be while still grading hundreds of papers per month.

Interview: Writing a Web Serial

Last year, we interviewed writer Adam Dickinson about his screenplay Everything Fred Tells Me Is True, a then-recently-released indie feature film. In past weeks, local band A Halo Called Fred has released the first episode of a projected serial, Barry the Steampunk Monster. Magnificent Nose: Welcome back to the Nose! Adam Dickinson: Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Interview: Writer Adam Dickinson (part two)

In early October, local film production company Words Pictures Movies will premiere their first feature Everything Fred Tells Me is True. (Here's the trailer.) This is the second half of an interview with Adam Dickinson, who wrote the screenplay. (Here's the first half of the interview from last week.) Magnificent Nose: What's your writing routine?... Continue Reading →

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