The Confidence Curse

I was talking with a friend the other day, when he mentioned, “Self-confidence is one of my weaker traits, despite all appearances.” And my first thought was--yes, I totally agree. It’s strange, really. I had a great childhood, a supportive family, and the best friends a girl could hope to have. There is no discernible … Continue reading The Confidence Curse



There are moments when you can see clearly that it’s the right time to move on. Open another window, start another phase in your life. I reached that point about two weeks ago, over drinks with a work friend in Melbourne. We were talking about our job and the end of the performance year where … Continue reading Changes

What If We Just Dance Until We’re 69?

When I was a teenager in the '80s, I could seriously rock a black velvet babydoll and faux leather tights. When the parent organization at my children’s school hosted an ‘80s-themed “Parent Prom,” I discovered that in my advancing middle years, given the dress, the tights, and some black Chuck Taylors, I can still rock it. … Continue reading What If We Just Dance Until We’re 69?