Stranger Danger

I violated the very precepts of stranger danger the other week. I’d had my eye on a Playstation Vita, a portable gaming console, but the price of a new one was out of my budget. So I did what everyone does in such a situation--I turned to the vast and wonderful world of online sellers. … Continue reading Stranger Danger


“Over Here, Over Here”

“All your games are single player ones,” my sister complained a few months ago. The two of us were relaxing in beanbags in my room, staring at the woefully black TV screen on a lazy Saturday afternoon. “Isn’t there anything we can play together?” I scanned my shelf. “Maybe Child of Eden... wait, no, that’s … Continue reading “Over Here, Over Here”

A History of Games

The first time I played a computer game was around 1990, when computers still had 5 ¼ inch floppy disk drives alongside the newfangled 3.5-inch ones. Windows didn’t exist yet, which meant navigating the computer required mastery of a whole series of DOS commands. “dir/w” and “cd...” are two I still fondly remember to this … Continue reading A History of Games

Infinite Scrabble

How to play "Infinite" or "wraparound" style Scrabble: I like it because there's more of a tendency to build longer words, and the board fills up more evenly. Like the regular rules, but if you build a word up to one edge of the board you can continue it on the other side. The corners … Continue reading Infinite Scrabble