R.I.P. Chrome Laptop

I was thinking about what to write for a blog post -- today I'm coming up empty on ideas -- when I realized I'd not written about the death of my Google Chrome laptop several weeks ago. The story is somewhat embarrassing: We were making cookies, which called for finely chopped nuts, the chromebook was … Continue reading R.I.P. Chrome Laptop


Chromebook update: Printing and PDFs

Within 24 hours, I spilled a drink into my Mac's keyboard and dropped my Windows netbook onto the floor. Until I got a new keyboard or a new netbook, whichever comes first, I was a cloud-computing guy. My netbook screen looks like this: And, without a keyboard, I couldn't even log into my Mac. (The … Continue reading Chromebook update: Printing and PDFs

Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions

Ten days ago, the UPS guy surprised me with a box that was approximately the size and heft of a large, abridged dictionary. I was puzzled; I hadn't ordered anything that large. I had been on my way out, netbook in my messenger bag and a bike helmet on my head. I opened the box … Continue reading Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions