The Spider’s Web

I was tromping through the garden in leisurely pursuit of my cat this morning, when I spotted what had to be one of the largest spiderwebs I’ve ever seen. It spanned all the way from a tree trunk, at about the height of my head, down to a bush at about knee-height. Normally, I’m not … Continue reading The Spider’s Web


My Girlfriend Bought a House

by Jay Mangano My girlfriend bought a house. I say "my girlfriend bought a house" and not "my girlfriend and I" or "we", because my girlfriend merits being called a number of things that I do not. Like secure, responsible, or adult. So my girlfriend bought a house and welcomed me into it. We're a … Continue reading My Girlfriend Bought a House

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Five and a half years ago, I packed up my life and moved to Canberra. It was a new city, away from family and friends, where I didn’t know a soul. Two years ago, I packed up my life once more and moved back home to Brisbane, away from dear friends I’d met and an … Continue reading Looking Back, Looking Forward

Pictures? Why Do I Need Pictures?

I'm an art school graduate, and in many ways a visual person. So when Kathleen and I discussed ways to improve the Nose last year, one thing we agreed on was that pictures are a good thing: They make the site look nice, they're more interesting in social media links, and they're fun. So most … Continue reading Pictures? Why Do I Need Pictures?