Editor, Audio Tech

I edit books--it's what I do as a professional. But I also am a musician on the side, and, a few times a year, get a job as an audio tech. I'm a professional at these things as well. A career counselor once told me this is called a composite career. A few times a … Continue reading Editor, Audio Tech


Making the demo (part one)

To get jobs, a band has to record a demo and give it to bars and clubs. In theory, they’ll love the demo and pay the band money to play music. Putting aside that many venues no longer pay musicians… yeah, that’s the general idea. In my latest musical project, I’m playing guitar for guy … Continue reading Making the demo (part one)

How does music get recorded?

Spider Robinson once wrote that we live in an amazing time, when the reproduction of music—with perfect fidelity—is possible. Well, it’s possible, but it’s a hell of a lot of work. I was riding back from rehearsal this afternoon, when it occurred to me that a lot of what goes on in the studio is, … Continue reading How does music get recorded?

Old links roulette, circa 2003

I'm going through files from my old websites, to see what I need to keep and what I can toss; I found the "links.html" page from the days before social bookmarking. All sites used to have one of these hand-crafted pages, how quaint! Over half of these links lead to sites that are either woefully … Continue reading Old links roulette, circa 2003

Trunk, Hats, Uke, and Pan

The Slomski Brothers meld music, comedy, and a little bit of vaudeville. They were the funniest act on my stage this weekend, and I re-learned a valuable lesson from them: Performer energy is far, far more important than any conceivable audio or technical need. Okay, I didn't learn it from them; I've known this for … Continue reading Trunk, Hats, Uke, and Pan

Hello, The Future!

Blue of Hello, The Future! was the final act on our stage at the Wicked Winter renaissance festival this weekend. She was the simplest music setup we had all that day: one vocal microphone, and another for her guitar. She'd really benefit from getting a wireless setup, though; she's the kind of musician who interacts … Continue reading Hello, The Future!

Audio prep work (is even less interesting than it sounds)

Prep before a festival mostly involves emailing people to find out details such as "how many mics do you need", "how much space do you need", and "what do you guys do? I can't tell from your name." There's a reason many acts put what they do in their name. "Admiral Smith's Exceptional Stump-Juggling Extravaganza", … Continue reading Audio prep work (is even less interesting than it sounds)

Welcome, performers

If you're here because you're performing on my stage at Wicked Winter 2011, you've come to the right place. Click on the contact link above to get in touch; the adventurous can investigate the audio link to read a bit of a rant about getting ready for a show.

Millie Goes Under the Knife

or, "Why You Should Always Buy A Guitar With The Pickup Pre-Installed." To recap from the previous installment: Our hero had an acoustic guitar with a tiny, tiny soundhole, into which he wanted to install a pickup-microphone-mixer/preamp system. Three local shops that do this kind of work turned him down. (Sam Ash guitar tech: "I … Continue reading Millie Goes Under the Knife

The Magnificent Millicent (or, how to fill a guitar-shaped hole)

Until I discovered bicycling, I used to take a guitar with me everywhere. I bought a Martin Backpacker travel guitar some years ago, an ungainly, club-shaped thing with horrible sound. After selling that, I still had a small-guitar-shaped hole in my life. Parlor-sized guitars were originally intended to fit a woman's smaller hands, and these … Continue reading The Magnificent Millicent (or, how to fill a guitar-shaped hole)