The 3 Weirdest Work Experiences I’ve Had, Part I

Everyone has weird work experiences, and mine are some of my favorite stories to tell. If you've met me in person, there's a good chance you have heard at least one of these stories. I won't go into the old food and miscellany I've found pressed between the pages of library books, or the magical … Continue reading The 3 Weirdest Work Experiences I’ve Had, Part I


God Bless Us, Every One

During a ski trip to Vermont, I once saw a foot and a half of snow come down overnight. Not only was the powdery fluff great--a rarity in East Coast skiing, I'm told--but the roads were not too shabby either. Jersey snowstorms are weirdly torturous. Even when we get quite a lot of snow, it's … Continue reading God Bless Us, Every One

Delighted by Ducati

My family’s about to welcome its newest member. No, I’m not talking about a surprise child--though you could say that to my parents, the news was definitely a surprise. I’m talking about Ducati, a kitten my sister and I decided to adopt. (We’ve yet to agree who gets to be the mum, as opposed to … Continue reading Delighted by Ducati

Dog Spa

A while back, I publicly admitted to having become one of those “kissy-kissy, smoochie-smoochie” dog owners. “Dog mommies”, if you insist. Lately, this has become even more true, especially after bringing the mutt along with the rest of the family for a camping vacation. Prior to this trip, she had tended to be a bit … Continue reading Dog Spa

Gone to the Dogs

Along the lines of wishful thinking and thinking of things you said you'd “never” do: My parents had a medium sized mutt of a dog. She had a terrier face and short, silky black hair. By the time I came along, she was already going salt-n-pepper around her eyes and nose. An old girl used … Continue reading Gone to the Dogs