Good things happen, too

The court decision legalizing gay marriage is an amazing moment in history. Whatever other problems 21st century life has, I feel privileged to be alive at now. The highest court in the land has affirmed the right of any two consenting adults to marry. I'm elated and I'm slightly amazed; I still remember, when I … Continue reading Good things happen, too


Sandman: Overture 4

This installment of Sandman: Overture continues the lush art and expansive story of the previous chapters. The art by J.H. Williams III is, if anything, getting better with each issue. As Dream, his feline echo, and a human girl continue on their quest, we get more glimpses of what lies behind the curtain of the … Continue reading Sandman: Overture 4

Book Review: When We Became Three

When We Became Three: A Memory Book For the Modern Familyby Jill Caryl Weiner My mom kept a baby book. It was an album with photographs and notes, and in it she recorded my first steps and my first words. She pieced it together by hand, and included photographic prints, my birth announcement in the … Continue reading Book Review: When We Became Three

Flash Fiction week VIII: Spooky Selfies

Length: 500--1000 words When: Publication date is the final week in October. Topic: Spooky Selfies What does that mean? Stories should (a) involve selfies, and (b) be vaguely related to Halloween, or something spooky or scary. As usual, contact the editor to sign up, or leave a comment here and we'll get back to you. … Continue reading Flash Fiction week VIII: Spooky Selfies

Neil: Groupthink

For Banned Books Week, we've asked our writers to pick a frequently challenged book and tell us how that book has affected them. Today, Neil writes a post inspired by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Big Brother has arrived, in a way. But we don't fear him. Instead, we mock him, making him seem harmless. Even … Continue reading Neil: Groupthink

Banned Books week

Next week, we'll be running articles about banned books. How has a frequently challenged book affected you? You can read more about Banned Books week at You may also have noticed the new look to the site. We're still making changes, so things may look a little unstable at times. But what do you … Continue reading Banned Books week

Sandman: Overture 3

I read the original Sandman graphic novels as fast as I could afford to buy the trade paperbacks. (I've since re-read them often enough that I wish I'd spent the extra money on hardcovers.) When this prequel series started coming out, I decided to see what it's like to read a Neil Gaiman story one … Continue reading Sandman: Overture 3

August Break

Magnificent Nose will be on break next week, returning in September. We hope everyone enjoys the rest of August. Photo by Neil Fein, via Flickr

The Cycle

How can I improve my writing? It's a common question. There are a few things you can do: Reading Reading and writing is a cultural conversation. People write books to say something. Other people read those books and a few of those write books in return. As has been pointed out many times, you should … Continue reading The Cycle

Flash Fiction week VII: “On Your Doorstep”

Since we have some pieces left over from the last week of flash fiction, we've created a theme week to use those pieces. And so we present: Flash Fiction week VII Topic: On Your Doorstep When: 21--25 July Word length: 500 words As usual, contact the editor to sign up, or leave a comment here … Continue reading Flash Fiction week VII: “On Your Doorstep”