What the Pig Saw

The pig sat beside the farmer. Its beady eyes seemed to survey its surroundings. "That's a lean pig you've got there, Len," the barman said to the farmer. "Aye. Not sure how it got to my farm. I looked out two days ago and there it was, on my doorstep." Len sipped at his pint. … Continue reading What the Pig Saw



Dear Esteemed Friend, I send you this letter hoping you are in good health. I am contacting you because your name is on the register of highly respected business people. I have a proposition for you. But first please let me tell you my story. I am an orphan. My parents both died when I … Continue reading 419


Their feet were pounding as fast as they could manage. The two of them were laughing as they ran, twisting though the alleys of the adjoining cul-de-sacs. "This is your fault!" yelled Bill. "What?" cried Jim. "You came up with the idea!" They paused around the corner, hiding, panting, shushing each other, listening out for … Continue reading Soaked