I currently prove multiple times a day that I am a mammal. I'm feeding a living being through my secretions. That's a weird thing for an animal to do--to take food and not just mush it up for our offspring, but to digest it and then create an entirely new substance that is enough for … Continue reading Secretions


Writing about Listening

I watched Magic Mike a few weeks ago, and found the film rather depressing. In part, because for most of the movie, none of the characters actually listen to what anyone else is saying. This is common, because listening is a hard skill. Most of us spend our time thinking about what we're going to … Continue reading Writing about Listening

“And Then What Happened?”

I always loved The Little Prince. My favorite part was when the author explains how adults always mistook his drawing of an elephant being swallowed by a boa constrictor for a drawing of a hat. I identified with adults not understanding me. And in the end, he finds someone who understands his drawing. Or Harry … Continue reading “And Then What Happened?”

Ten Years Later: Still Telling Our Stories

Editor's note: This is the second article in a series that will run this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I drank my wine as I told the story of how I was listening to the radio as I was getting dressed that day. Someone inside the World Trade Center had called the … Continue reading Ten Years Later: Still Telling Our Stories

Not the Paper Towels You’re Looking For

I love visiting bathrooms with automatic paper towel machines, where you just wave your hand at the machine. Hey, I’m a Jedi! (At least for the moment.) With all the travel I’ve been doing, I’ve really been honing my skill at appreciating the little things in life. I travel up to three weeks a month, … Continue reading Not the Paper Towels You’re Looking For

Superpower Evolution

While going through papers recently, I found a number of my old IDs. This allowed me to provide proof of the superpower I discussed in last week's post. For those of y'all who haven't read it yet (And why not?), my superpower is that I look good in all of my ID photos. And here's … Continue reading Superpower Evolution


I’ve been thinking recently about careers and jobs, and how we choose what we want to do to make money. If life were like a comic book, it would be easy: “My ability to shoot sonar from my elbows, combined with the alien doohickey that I found under some old newspapers, obviously lead me to … Continue reading Superpowers

The Wrath of Rina (or, Dealing with Customer Service)

In my last job, I trained customer service agents. Which Neil seems to think qualifies me to deal with any customer service issue with any company. (I think it’s just a ploy so he can avoid it!) Although I claim that I’m not enough of an expert to take on all customer service tasks, I … Continue reading The Wrath of Rina (or, Dealing with Customer Service)

Thoughts on my Kindle

I recently bought a Kindle. More than once, as I’ve been excitedly showing off my new toy to friends, they’ve said “well, I just really love books, so I’m not interested in this.” Or even a more extreme version--that they’ll only be dragged into using this new technology kicking and screaming. If I point out … Continue reading Thoughts on my Kindle

Girl Genius Day!

I bought myself a Kindle last month. I love it. I don't have to cart around the books that I finished on the plane the first day of a business trip, it's pretty intuitive to use, and is easy on the eyes, since it's not backlit. It weighs more than a mass market paperback, but … Continue reading Girl Genius Day!