The Spider’s Web

I was tromping through the garden in leisurely pursuit of my cat this morning, when I spotted what had to be one of the largest spiderwebs I’ve ever seen. It spanned all the way from a tree trunk, at about the height of my head, down to a bush at about knee-height. Normally, I’m not... Continue Reading →


Stranger Danger

I violated the very precepts of stranger danger the other week. I’d had my eye on a Playstation Vita, a portable gaming console, but the price of a new one was out of my budget. So I did what everyone does in such a situation--I turned to the vast and wonderful world of online sellers.... Continue Reading →

Click Click

She found the battered camera behind the bushes, a small silver ingot of hidden treasure that glinted in the setting sun at the just the right angle to catch her eye. The metal was tarnished to a dull sheen, the round shutter button worn down to concave plastic white that fit her finger just so.... Continue Reading →

“Over Here, Over Here”

“All your games are single player ones,” my sister complained a few months ago. The two of us were relaxing in beanbags in my room, staring at the woefully black TV screen on a lazy Saturday afternoon. “Isn’t there anything we can play together?” I scanned my shelf. “Maybe Child of Eden... wait, no, that’s... Continue Reading →

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Five and a half years ago, I packed up my life and moved to Canberra. It was a new city, away from family and friends, where I didn’t know a soul. Two years ago, I packed up my life once more and moved back home to Brisbane, away from dear friends I’d met and an... Continue Reading →

Leanne: The Fear of Monsters

My parents never took a keen interest in what I was reading. I think that to them, the fact that I was reading novels was good enough. So it was that I had a relatively free hand when it came to reading material, and a lot of the time, it ended up being whatever was... Continue Reading →

Drop by Drop

I’m a big fan of Japanese comics, known more widely as “manga”. I’ve been a fan since high school, when one of my friends introduced me to a series called Naruto. I’m sure many of you have heard of it. I’m also sure I just heard many of you groan. But it’s the series that... Continue Reading →

The Confidence Curse

I was talking with a friend the other day, when he mentioned, “Self-confidence is one of my weaker traits, despite all appearances.” And my first thought was--yes, I totally agree. It’s strange, really. I had a great childhood, a supportive family, and the best friends a girl could hope to have. There is no discernible... Continue Reading →


Writing. Something everyone can do, but something very few excel in. Now, before I get into the swing of things, there is a delineation I’d like to draw between people writing for fun, and people writing with the aim of becoming a professional. I would love it if everyone wrote for fun. It doesn’t matter... Continue Reading →

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