Kathleen: To Kill a Mockingbird

For Banned Books Week, we've asked our writers to pick a frequently challenged book and tell us how that book has affected them. Today, Kathleen writes about Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. I was surprised to find this book on the list of banned books. I was surprised not least of all because my … Continue reading Kathleen: To Kill a Mockingbird



In the aftermath of the suicide of L'Wren Scott, I was not surprised to find the former NYTimes fashion critic writing of her confusion and anger. Successful, independent, teacher, fighter, grit, endurance, warmth; all were among the words used by Cathy Horyn to describe Ms. Scott. It's the same sort of disbelief that accompanies tragic … Continue reading Nightfall

Old as the Hills and Still Brand New

This week is a very special and exciting week here at Magnificent Nose.  Editor in Chief, Neil Fein and his wife have welcomed a brand new baby girl.  Whether Mazel Tov or Congratulations or some other expression is your choice of word to express joy, the staff are pleased and excited for them all. Funny … Continue reading Old as the Hills and Still Brand New

God Bless Us, Every One

During a ski trip to Vermont, I once saw a foot and a half of snow come down overnight. Not only was the powdery fluff great--a rarity in East Coast skiing, I'm told--but the roads were not too shabby either. Jersey snowstorms are weirdly torturous. Even when we get quite a lot of snow, it's … Continue reading God Bless Us, Every One

You Had Surgery Where?

My beloved asked me this week if I had seen the photos going viral of the contestants in the Miss Korea 2013 pageant. Of course he wasn't actually aware that the photos were contestants until I pointed it out. Being Korean himself, he gets his share of Asian pinup girl photos in his inbox and … Continue reading You Had Surgery Where?

Holiday on the Dark Side

I went AWOL last week. (I crumbled at the first strains of holiday music, fantastic Assistant Editor that I am.) I didn't give in to Black Friday. I never left the house on Small Business Saturday. Now it's Cyber Monday and I really couldn't give a flying... fluffernutter. (It's my daughter's word. Very handy.) It … Continue reading Holiday on the Dark Side

Geek Creation Show: Event Report

This weekend, an event known as The Geek Creation Show was held in Piscataway, NJ. As a lead up to the event, Magnificent Nose interviewed its organizer Jeff Mach a few weeks ago. He was somewhat coy in answering questions, believing the even was best left to the attendee to experience. If this was your … Continue reading Geek Creation Show: Event Report

Hellfire and Brimstone

I've been having a whole load of fun lately with this column. And as I've said, it tends to be about my passions. That being said, this column will be about something that is actually not something I would consider a passion. So my daughter comes to me and asks, “Mommy, what happens to people … Continue reading Hellfire and Brimstone

Behind the Curtain

The government shutdown is well under way as I write, though by the time this item "goes to press" the Congressional shennangins will hopefully be history. Even if you are not a particular fan of politics, you are unlikely to have missed hearing all about the drama in Washington on the news. You may not … Continue reading Behind the Curtain

Interview: Geek Creation Show

I recently heard about an upcoming event known as The Geek Creation Show. I had no idea what this could possibly be about. I did find the website intriguing. So when I was offered the chance to interview the organizer of the event, Jeff Mach of the eponymous Jeff Mach Events, I jumped on it. … Continue reading Interview: Geek Creation Show