Boys and Girls

If I ever have a second baby, I hope I’ll have the patience not to find out ahead of time whether it’s a boy or a girl. Team Green, as they call it these days. You see, when my husband and I found out two years ago that we were expecting, we were only too … Continue reading Boys and Girls


What’s With All the “Giver” Hate?

On my first day of school last year, the students in one of my all-boys classes asked if we would be reading The Giver. Published in 1993, The Giver by Lois Lowry was one of my all-time favorite books as a teenager. I read it in eighth grade, and then again in high school, and … Continue reading What’s With All the “Giver” Hate?

Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)

As of June 19th of this year, I am no longer a teacher. I have been a professional educator for seven and half years. Now I have no classroom and no current contract. And this isn’t just a matter of summer vacation either; I have no job to go back to in the fall, and … Continue reading Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)

Children and Creativity

I was recently asked if having kids has had any effect on my creativity. This is a question that’s been floating around my household quite a bit, actually. And it’s been especially relevant since about July 16th, 2012, when my husband and I welcomed our first child. See, I’m a writer and teacher with some … Continue reading Children and Creativity

The Joy of Burn-Out

“Burn-out has always been one of those things that happens to other people, not me.” As I read these words by fellow blogger Leanne Yong, I got to thinking, “Hey, I’m other people.” And on that note, let me tell you what’s been going on with me lately. At the start of this current year, … Continue reading The Joy of Burn-Out


I've always said that writing is scary. Hey, I built an entire blog on the concept. Over a year's worth of posts, and it all came down to this: Creating is tough. There's such an intense sense of responsibility that comes with bringing something to life, with creating something from nothing, and putting it out … Continue reading Baby

Should Some Writers Stop Writing?

Growing up, my parents, relatives, and teachers gave me a lot of encouragement when it came to writing. And when those positive and supportive people weren't around, I entertained myself by reading flowery inspirational books about how all of us have the potential for brilliance. Nowadays, I try to pay some of that inspiration back … Continue reading Should Some Writers Stop Writing?

Angry Writing

Today, I'm angry. I'm not going to say why, because any explanation I could give would be far too tedious and unnecessary. But rest assured, I'm angry. Blindingly, burningly so. I don't like to face down a deadline when I'm angry, upset, or stressed about some real life problem. I much prefer to write while calm … Continue reading Angry Writing

“Walking the Tightrope” on the Last Day of School

Today was the last official schoolday in my district. I woke up this morning wanting to let my kids out early and start summer vacation a few hours early, but I instead spent the time sharing with them the results of their final exam essays. I certainly did not feel like explaining to one particularly … Continue reading “Walking the Tightrope” on the Last Day of School

Writing Under Pressure

Some of us work very well under pressure. I never thought I fit into that category, but I'm beginning to feel differently now. I'm not the sporty type. My idea of an outdoor activity is having a picnic outside, and I'd much prefer to have that picnic without someone (Ted) pestering me to play horseshoes … Continue reading Writing Under Pressure