Jackson traced a finger along the lower lip, making some final adjustments. High cheekbones, dark eyes, and pouty lips made it the perfect head for the standard model lithe body she would roll out this evening. She pushed her glasses up her nose and glanced at the clock. Scant time for testing, but getting her selfie ready should be enough. The head … Continue reading Marionette


The Paradox of Sustenance

Nick tossed the bag into the dumpster and leaned back against the brick wall to light his cigarette. His shift was almost over, second of four for the weekend, and as he inhaled he silently cursed Jason for taking off with some tramp two months ago.  It shouldn't be difficult to find a dishwasher, but … Continue reading The Paradox of Sustenance

A Bear in the Woods

"Mum!" Jenny gasped in a panic, groping under her pillow in the dim light. "I left Herman at the woodlot!"Her mother tucked the old quilt around her more tightly. "You can make do with your duck until we go again." She reached over and grabbed Duck Duck McStuffins. "No!" Jenny wailed. "We can't just leave him … Continue reading A Bear in the Woods

Colonel Wilde

It was back in the autumn of ‘44, I was on my way to vote in the town elections when my car busted flat. It was a dark road and not much frequented, neither by men nor by ghosts. I was young and fearless, and being in a hurry to get to the town hall … Continue reading Colonel Wilde

Practical Writing: Prose Origami

Sometimes writing is an unencumbered joy--the words flow freely, the story unfolds smoothly, and the expression of the muse is in perfect harmony with the prose. Much of the time, writing is a creative process more akin to sculpture, where rough drafts are reworked and refined until the inner beauty is finally revealed by the … Continue reading Practical Writing: Prose Origami

Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice

I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month this year, the first novel I have ever written. I am in the process of revising it to make it suitable for public consumption. As I've been revising, I've noticed an unevenness in my writing style, and I have developed an experimental method for ironing out these … Continue reading Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice

Writing Erotica

I've had this little problem recently of a sexual nature. I won't elaborate on the gory details; suffice it to say that childbirth has a rather stunning, prolonged effect on a woman's physical condition, and we'll leave it at that. I've received a lot of advice on the Internet, and consulted with my gynecologist, my … Continue reading Writing Erotica

How I Wrote a Novel in 30 Days

Last month, I got suckered into writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month by the process itself--the sticky web of writing--but I can't complain about the residue. The exercise led to big breakthroughs for me as a writer. The most exciting one was that I wrote a novel, so even in its rough state, … Continue reading How I Wrote a Novel in 30 Days

What I Learned in November

I wrote a novel in November. It was an accident. Friends have talked about National Novel Writing Month for years. This year, my plan was to not do it, again. I didn't have time.  But I wanted to go through the preparations and see what 1667 words a day felt like, so I would know … Continue reading What I Learned in November

Little Bunny’s Planet

Jenny shrugged off her jacket and dropped her bookbag next to the kitchen table before she stoked the fire. As she opened a cupboard and braced her hands to boost herself onto the counter, her father came in from outside. "Hey, Rabbit," he said, restraining her with one hand and reaching up to the top shelf … Continue reading Little Bunny’s Planet