Edna: Of Mice and Men

For Banned Books Week, we've asked our writers to pick a frequently challenged book and tell us how that book has affected them. Today, Edna Truong writes about John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. I was flicking through the list of challenged books and my eyes caught on this particular title. It brought back memories, … Continue reading Edna: Of Mice and Men


An ode to a silent boy

For my brother. You haven’t spoken a word Not once these twenty odd years Although we’ve learned to read you Like a book without a spine It’s still a hit or miss affair When we were but children Vague emotions do I remember Of times when we would play We never really did get along, … Continue reading An ode to a silent boy

About Change

Change. Wanting to change. Knowing when to implement the change. Knowing how to change, what to change and why? Is it right, is it wrong? Should I, shouldn’t I? These thoughts roll around in my head once in a while, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. When everything seems to be slipping out of your grasp, … Continue reading About Change


“Hey, do you hear that?” Betty asks. She rushes into the lounge room with a stricken look on her face. “Hear what? That’s just the rain and wind. Nothing to be surprised about. It’s raining cats and dogs outside,” Andy replies and faces the television once again. “No, that’s not it. It sounds like someone … Continue reading Rain

Moving through Melbourne

Written by Edna Truong. Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia is a wonderful place for food, shopping, entertainment, arts, culture and learning. Walk the streets as buskers blare their music and mix with the other background noises characteristic to cities. Ride on the horse wagons through the streets or catch a tram, bus or … Continue reading Moving through Melbourne

Reaching Out in Melbourne

Written by Edna Truong. There are so many communities, groups and other individuals out there to support writers, and all you really need to do is reach out and know where to look. Writing can be a lonesome task, but it doesn’t have to be. Not all the time. Melbourne, dubbed one of the Cities … Continue reading Reaching Out in Melbourne

Radio Dreams

Written by Edna Truong. My tutor asked, “has anyone heard a radio drama before?” The room was hushed, eyes darted left and right, then downwards. Only a handful nodded their heads. I sat with my eyes wide open, eager for the tutor to explain further. Of course, I belonged to the majority of those puzzled, … Continue reading Radio Dreams