There’s nothing private about full disclosure couture

As I was waiting in line at the chemist yesterday, I bore witness to a pharmacy assistant and customer discussing the latter’s new medication at what had to be the upper limit of their respective volume ranges. Not only was I--and everyone within twenty feet--aware of the name of said medication, I also knew which... Continue Reading →


The Final Check-In

Social media has changed how we communicate, but it’s also redefined the who and why. Inane 140-character bursts to swarms of strangers have replaced actual correspondence. Instead of just going somewhere, we now feel the need to check-in so everyone knows what we’re doing--whether it’s noteworthy or not. Arriving backstage at a Foo Fighters concert... Continue Reading →

Facebook and Twitter don’t care that you’re boring, but your status updates have the rest of us snoring: a Tahitian lime epiphany

Lyndon Keane is in pain. Moments of profound clarity can come in the oddest ways and at the most inopportune times. Mine came after inadvertently squirting lime juice into my eye while trying to shove what was apparently too big a wedge of the fruit into a bottle of Canadian Club & Cola. As I... Continue Reading →

Chivalry and the Shifting Goal Posts

I’ve never purported to fully understand people, but an encounter this morning on the bus makes me wonder whether I actually know anything at all about chivalry in this modern day and age. After jumping aboard the relatively packed 475 for my journey into the city this morning, I was quietly chuffed to see that... Continue Reading →

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